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Who is ABC?

ABC, the Academic Booster Club, is a group of students, parents, teachers, and administrators who have joined together to help meet the unique needs of our highly capable children. We provide support for teachers in the QUEST and PAGE programs by helping to pay for continuing education on topics related to gifted children. We have funded classroom needs to meet some of the unusual demands of our students. We advocate for gifted education in our District, State, and Nation. ABC is also a resource for families. We sponsor social events that allow our children and families to get together with their peers, outside the classroom. This year, ABC also plans to sponsor a SENG parent support group. SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) trains parent facilitators to lead discussion groups of parents who wish to learn more about how to understand and meet the social and emotional needs of their gifted children. Look for more information about ABC and what we’re doing in future newsletters, through this website, or by becoming a fan of the Academic Booster Club of Puyallup on Facebook. We invite you to join us and lend your voice in our community.

Amy Prezbindowski
ABC President
ABC is a nonprofit, 501 (C)(3) organization

The Academic Booster Club (ABC) is the parent support organization for students and families in the Highly Capable program of Puyallup Schools.

  • Showcases Puyallup’s Highly Capable programs – the elementary QUEST program and the PAGE junior high program
  • Supports funding for gifted education at the district, state, and national levels
  • Purchases classroom materials and technology for the QUEST and PAGE programs
  • Sponsors family activities
  • Provides scholarships for graduating seniors and summer enrichment programs
  • Assists with funding for teacher professional development and parent education

This website is currently under revision. Please check us out on Facebook for up-to-date information about ABC sponsored activities.


We encourage you to lend support by volunteering!

Many opportunities for involvement exist in the Academic Booster Club. We have a need for parents to serve on the board and to help with several committees. Whether you have a little or a lot of time to offer, we can use your help. For information please contact us or call the QUEST office at 841-8751.

STUDENT PLANNERS – ABC helps build organizational skills for QUEST students!
From Janelle Burger, Teacher Representative to ABC

Teachers, students, and families are so grateful to ABC for helping with the purchase of student planners. One challenge that many of our highly capable children face is organization. Is something due? When is my presentation? I didn’t remember that we were having a book fair! What day is our assembly? Hopefully students will “write it down and be responsible to remember!” These attractive planners are also packed with many fun “extras” in the side bars… vocabulary, riddles, etc. Be sure to check the planner with your child on a regular basis. It is a great way to help your child learn a life-long skill. Thank you ABC!

As of September 1st, 2011 Highly Capable Education is legally mandated as a part of basic education in the state of Washington. The Washington State Constitution holds that funding basic education is the paramount duty of the state. As part of basic education, funding should now be protected and stable, and not subject to elimination every legislative session as has been the case in years past. This change puts Washington at the forefront of the nation in providing an appropriate education to highly capable students.  The addition of highly capable programs to the definition of Basic Education is the culmination of over 25 years of advocacy on the part of the Washington Coalition for Gifted Education, parent groups such as the Academic Booster Club, students, and educators. Thank you to everyone who played a role in assuring access to an appropriate education for our highly capable students!